Back To Basics – For Raising Capital



In a Covid-world, syndicators complain old methods no longer work.  They are looking for a new solution to make investors aware of their offering and be “top of mind.” Maybe to successfully raise capital we need to get back to the basics.  The previous era of free-flowing capital may have come to an end, but the same fundamentals have not.  Yes, you need to get a lot of eyeballs on your deal, but you need to get your deal in front of those same eyeballs many times.

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Investing in Social Impact



At Localvest we would like to introduce you a new type of investment, a charitable investment in organizations making an important social impact to their community.  When you login to Localvest please look at some of these new types of investments and consider supporting these organizations.


We are proud to announce two new investments on our platform — Afghan Microgrids & Chow.   Learn more about these important organizations below and expect more opportunities in the future.

Thanks for your support!


The Localvest Team.

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Localvest has Evolved



Dear Localvest Community,

You might have had some trouble logging into our platform recently. The news is that the login issues are related to a recent MAJOR update we conducted on our platform.

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