Investing in Social Impact



At Localvest we would like to introduce you a new type of investment, a charitable investment in organizations making an important social impact to their community.  When you login to Localvest please look at some of these new types of investments and consider supporting these organizations.


We are proud to announce two new investments on our platform — Afghan Microgrids & Chow.   Learn more about these important organizations below and expect more opportunities in the future.

Thanks for your support!


The Localvest Team.


Chow Corp. | Giving military veterans the opportunity to own and operate food trucks.


Chow is a nonprofit designed to provide services for military veterans through cooking therapycookware donationsculinary education, and business advice for anyone from home chefs to aspiring food truck or restaurant owners.

Help us acquire our first truck! We are $45k away. Seeking donors and Investors.

Learn More About Chow


Team Afghan Power Microgrid | Renewable energy, internet, laptops, and educational programming to 300 students in rural Afghanistan.


Team Afghan Power is a registered non-profit working to provide renewable energy through solar power, internet, laptops, and educational programming to 300 students in rural Afghanistan. This will be the first of many builds, and will serve as our proof of concept to allow requests for funding from donor agencies. We seek to provide sustainable energy and international standard education to students to allow them to compete with urban students for placement in higher education.

Help us raise the remaining $12,000 for our Pilot Project!

Learn More About Team Afghan Power

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