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The Localvest Platform is designed to connect military veteran entrepreneurs with like-minded investors to quickly discover, engage, and pitch successful partnerships. We’re excited to tell you more about the businesses behind each capital raise. Today, we present Boost Capital Group, a company that helps individuals build and preserve wealth through passive real estate investing while enabling investors to create a customizable portfolio based on their financial goals.

What does Boost Capital Group do?

Boost Capital Group is a private real estate investment firm that provides access to passive real estate investment opportunities, risk mitigation, and portfolio diversification to busy individuals, especially those focused on building their careers, raising families, or providing care to others. 

While Boost Capital Group works hard to provide investors with access to the best real estate deals, investors are free to spend quality time doing the things that matter most rather than worrying about how to secure their financial future. The company’s real estate syndications provide investors with cash flow, equity, appreciation and tax savings, all the benefits of real estate investing without the responsibilities of being a landlord and managing properties.

Who leads Boost Capital Group?

Military veterans Jeff Rodriguez and Philippe Schulligen founded Boost Capital Group out of a strong belief that everyone should have an opportunity to achieve an optimal balance between their professional and personal lives without having to make any compromises or sacrifices when it comes to financial security. Together, they have over 10 years of experience in real estate, invested in over 2,400 apartments and produced a 33% average annual return. Their investment strategy involves building trusted partnerships with experienced industry professionals and identifying low-risk, high-growth real estate investment opportunities in markets with strong population and job growth. Jeff and Philippe inform and communicate with their investors through engaging blog posts and videos while their online portal provides investors with access to detailed information related to each deal including specifics on location, the number of units, the business plan, the returns and the associated risks. Jeff and Philippe’s top-notch services build community, facilitate trust, and inform wise decision-making while saving everyone’s valuable time and money.

How is Boost Capital Group growing?

Jeff and Philippe recently launched an exciting new opportunity called the Boost Wealth Fund which provides an elevated level of transparency, flexibility, and control to investors by giving them a platform to create a diversified portfolio within the Fund and select the deals they most want to invest in. This customizable, private real estate fund allows individuals to invest in multiple asset classes, providing all the benefits of a real estate syndication without the typical drawbacks associated with a fund, such as the inability to  choose where your money ends up. The transparency and flexibility of the Fund combined with Jeff and Philippe’s personalized approach mean individuals can invest with confidence and assurance that their specific financial goals are being met. The Boost Wealth Fund not only gives investors peace of mind through a greater degree of control but also adds value by improving their understanding of how each deal is structured.

Connect with Boost Capital Group on Localvest!

Are you interested in learning more about Boost Capital Group? 

Connect with Founders Jeff Rodriguez and Philippe Schulligen on Localvest! 

Boost Capital Group helps individuals build and preserve wealth through low-risk, high-growth, passive real estate investments in strong markets throughout the U.S. while enabling investors to create a customizable portfolio.


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