Drazen is an adventurer at heart, seeking new experiences, traveling the world, and meeting people who love life and want to find the purpose of why they are here.
Drazen brings extensive experience working with and building companies. He has held many executive and C-Level roles during his 15+ year professional career. Drazen started his career serving with the United States Marines before getting his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Management. His love and fascination for all things technology from childhood allowed him to grow and lead amazing companies that wanted to embrace the future and the opportunities that technology brought with it. Some of the industries that he has worked with include Federal Business Intelligence, Finance, Venture Capital, Big Data & Analytics, Biometrics, and Management Consulting.
Business Development 90%
Strategic Planning 85%
Leadership 80%
Nice Guy 100%
All Drazen’s corporate experience combined with his indomitable positive attitude helps Drazen overcome any obstacle set before him. His ability to “connect the dots” spatially helps him to form meaningful relationships with decision-makers, C-Level executives, and organizations that benefit the company he is working with. Drazen’s combined skills serve to make him a viable asset to any organization that wants to grow and expand within their respective market and beyond.

"There is only one way to learn. It's through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey."

-- Paulo Coelho