acQyr eXchange

Lots of games. Lots of rewards. One eXchange.

Jim Mulford | USAFA ’70 | President & CEO

Raised $100,000

“We joined Localvest at the beginning of September 2020. We were searching for a platform where we could share information about our 506 (b) PPM offering and our launch of acQyr eXchange for the mobile/video gaming industry. We have tried other platforms, but Localvest has been clearly superior in helping us achieve key results and milestones.
In just 3 months on Localvest, we have shared our offering and launch with 100s of accredited investors, added 3 new investors to our team, and raised $100,000, and closed out our PPM offering. We have connected with like-minded investor groups, entrepreneurs, and seasoned business professionals who have provided key insights and support to our team. Localvest has a first-class support team and is constantly enhancing the offering to better serve its customers (entrepreneurs, investment groups, and accredited investors). I highly recommend Localvest to businesses, accredited investors, and investor groups looking to bring value and growth to one another.


Warrior Centric Health:

Health Equity For Veterans

Ron Steptoe | USMA ’87 | CEO

Raised $500,000+ in 3 Weeks

“Localvest changed everything. In 3 weeks 500,00+ was raised on the platform. We were not picking up the phone to call people anymore. And the really exciting thing is this is not a theory it actually works. The capital raised allowed us to double our staff. Without raising this capital quickly we would have missed out on the biggest deal of our lives. Localvest is a powerful community of successful veterans led business serving veterans.”


Talea Beer

Creating easy to love beers

LeAnn Darland | USNA ’08 – Navy |Co-Fouder & Co-CEO

Raised $150,000

“Talea Beer company is a female and veteran-owned and operated beer company. We are creating more approachable inclusive beers that are fruit poured and flavored. Over an 8 month period, we raised 2 million dollars, of which 30% were service academy grads or veterans. We raised $150,000 from Localvest through the Service Academy Investor Group which was incredible. Working with a Veteran and Service Academy grads community, there is an immediate understanding that there will be struggles, but there is trust and respect between the founders and the investors. We can be an open book and go to them anytime.”


Perfect Venue

Simplify Your Event Management

Luke Hutchison | USMA  ’13 – Army | CEO

Raised $250,000

“We have tried other Angel investment groups. No one really put their money where their mouth was.  But once we met with the network within Localvest, we had a ton of success raising capital. It’s great to see the community of Service Academy grads and veterans supporting other Service Academy grads and veterans entrepreneurs. 

 So prior to the investment with Perfect Venue, we had some great initial traction, I really needed the capital to take Perfect Venue to next level launching new cities and build out our product so now that we have this investment from the Service Academy network we’re no able to do that and achieve our mission of bringing communities together and empowering small businesses. 

I just wanted to say thank you for supporting us, it’s a difficult thing as a founder raising capital so it’s great to have this amazing network supporting military veteran entrepreneurs.


Pilot - Legacy

Private Equity group

Lane Beene | Founder | USAFA ’91

Raised $650,000

“At Pilot – Legacy Private equity group we focus primarily on multi-family investments and multi-family development projects. Through our association of the Service Academy business mastermind we were able to syndicate a recent project in the vicinity of Austin Texas.
Localvest helped generate 20 new investor leads through its platform and over $2 million in commitments from one of its groups. They were the single best source of capital.
The participation of other service members through Localvest, the SABM investor group and other military members allowed us to successfully fund that project which we hope to be very profitable for the investors and also be a great service for people of the Austin area.
I really love to partner with military people because they have vision, they understand structure, they have discipline, and that is exactly the sort of people I want to move forward with to find success.
I want to say thank you for all the people who’ve reached out to me regarding real estate investments and I just want to offer my advice or my experiences since I’ve learned a lot about the industry through hard knocks and through bumps and bruises. I always extend this offer to anybody considering real estate investments”