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We are proud to have a large community of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors who have served our country in all branches of the military. We have helped many veteran-led investment opportunities find capital to hire, build, and grow their companies.

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Discover a wide-array of investments ranging from Real Estate, Venture Capital, Seed-stage Startups, Private Debt, or a local business.
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Ron Steptoe | USMA ’87
Warrior Centric Health

Localvest changed everything. In 3 weeks $500,000+ was raised on the platform. We were not picking up the phone to call people anymore. And the really exciting thing is this is not a theory, it actually works.

Jim Mulford | USAFA ’70
acQyr eXchange
President & CEO

In just 3 months on Localvest, we have shared our offering and launch with 100s of accredited investors, added 3 new investors to our team, raised $100,000, and closed out our PPM offering.

LeAnn Darland | USNA ’08 – Navy
Talea Beer
Co-Fouder & Co-CEO

Over an 8 month period, we raised 2 million dollars, of which 30% were service academy grads or veterans. We raised $150,000 from Localvest through the Service Academy Investor Group which was incredible.

Luke Hutchison | USMA ’13 – Army
Perfect Venue

We have tried other Angel investment groups. No one really put their money where their mouth was.  But once we met with the network within Localvest, we had a ton of success raising capital. It’s great to see the community of Service Academy grads and veterans supporting other Service Academy grads and veterans entrepreneurs.

Lane Beene | USAFA ’91
Pilot - Legacy

Localvest helped generate 20 new investor leads through its platform and over $2 million in commitments from one of its groups. They were the single best source of capital.

Claude Burns
Claude Burns | USNA’06 – Navy
Office Libations
Founder & CEO

Office Libations raised 40% of our round through LocalVest in a matter of months with commitments the same week we launched on the platform. There are a lot of platforms to attempt to raise capital but LocalVest will be my first choice to raise capital for any type of future deal from equity to real estate.

Brad Artery Mocingbird
Brad Artery | USNA’95
President & CEO

“The fundraising side of Localvest is there and is tangible for us. But it’s also the growing network of both issuers and investors on Localvest that have benefitted me”

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Our solution helps Military Veteran Entrepreneurs raise capital faster. Our tool was designed for ease of use and is easy to understand by Issuers and Accredited Investors.
Join the incredible community and network of Veteran Entrepreneurs, Military Investors, Service Academy Graduates that we have gathered with our platform to help answer questions, connect you to other resources and assist with your capital raise.
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