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Back To Basics – For Raising Capital




In a Covid-world, syndicators complain old methods no longer work.  They are looking for a new solution to make investors aware of their offering and be “top of mind.” Maybe to successfully raise capital we need to get back to the basics.  The previous era of free-flowing capital may have come to an end, but the same fundamentals have not.  Yes, you need to get a lot of eyeballs on your deal, but you need to get your deal in front of those same eyeballs many times.


Marketers understand the importance of frequency and the power of repetition.  As consumers we know that the more times we hear or see something, the more likely we are to remember it.  But let’s face it—all your emails attaching your PowerPoint piss off investors.  Emailing your investor pitch deck more than twice leaves you with no good options to follow up—in fact, you have lost the leverage or perception of scarcity, if you had any, in the presentation. We recommend that you send highly relevant content to your investors instead.


Divide your list into specific interest groups and send them content that you know they are really interested in and they will open it up and read it.  By the way, your pitch deck is not relevant to them.  The goal is to get the investor to call you.  And if you send them something valuable, they will call.  What you say on that call to turn them into an investor is up to you.


The Localvest Team