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Film and Entertainment

Investment opportunities in motion pictures and home/mobile entertainment, an industry which in 2019 surpassed $100 billion globally.

The Opportunity Zone

This group is dedicated to identifying and showcasing OZ investments to investors.

Loudoun Angels

Loudoun Angels is committed to bringing together investors to make investments in local businesses, startups, and real estate in and around Loudoun County, Virginia. 


This group was formed to share deals in and around Austin, TX.


We are a community of U.S. Service Academy graduates and Military Veteran friendly investors who are building wealth by investing in businesses and real estate projects led by other Academy grads and veterans.

Supporting the ecosystem of veteran and military-spouse startup, small businesses, and non-profits by matching capital to their projects, businesses, vision, and commitment.  


Connecting Academy entrepreneurs and investors in support of a community of innovation and impact

Energy Development Group

This Group is committed to exploring, developing, and executing traditional, alternative, and transitional energy projects globally, and in the CONUS.

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