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Introducing: The Loudoun Angels Investor Group

Loudoun Angels is a group created by John Bracken COO and co-founder of Localvest. His group is committed to bringing together investors to make investments in local businesses, startups, and real estate in and around Loudoun County, Virginia.

 If you are an #Issuer, here are some reasons why you should join the group:

  • Access to local investors
  • The ability to connect with investors
  • Share your Deal and possibly have it feature as part of the group: being part of the group will give you the opportunity to share and present your Deal to a close-knit community. 


If you are an #Investor, here are some reasons why you should join the group:

  • Connect with other investors: As a member of Loudoun Angels you will be able to connect with other investors,  grow your professional network, and learn from others interested in investing. 
  • Discover New Deals: discover private investment opportunities that meet your interest

On April 29th at 12pm (EST) you will have the opportunity to learn more about this group and see the first 2 companies below presenting their investment opportunities.

To attend the call and see these companies, register here:

If you have not joined the group on Localvest, and want to be a member, simply join the group using the link below. There are no additional fees associated with this.

Don’t miss the opportunity of becoming a member of one of fast-growing groups!