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Localvest Pro

Get your Investment Offering in front of Accredited Investors Today!


Stop Chasing Investors and have them come to you!

For most founders, discovering new investors to pitch is a daunting and extremely time consuming process. Time spent raising capital is time not spent working on your business

The truth is that Accredited Investors are looking for specific types of investments that match their specific investment goals.  What are the odds that these investors exist in your personal network??

Localvest Pro is a ground breaking, subscription service to put your Investment offering in front of hundreds of accredited investors every month at an affordable price. 

How does it work?

Step 1:
Create your offering on Localvest

Create your Deal Page on Localvest based on your pitch deck and offering documents.  This is a simple high level marketing page designed to attract Investors who want to meet with you to learn more about your Deal.

Step 2:
Launch your offering to the Localvest Network

The Localvest team will confirm that your webpage meets all our quality standards and is registered (or will be registered) as a Reg D 506(c) investment offering as defined by the SEC.  

Step 3:
Connect with Investors who view your Investment Offering

Make sure to stay current with all Investment activity on your page.  Keep potential investors updated and invite them to hear your pitch on a 1 on 1 call or a webinar.

Raise Capital with Localvest!

Generate leads, drive traffic, and build awareness with Localvest

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