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Lists are an important way to organize your contacts into custom categories or lists. For example, you can add any contact or investor prospect into a “Real Estate” list if they are interested in real estate or a “Startup” list if they are interested in investing in a startup. Once a list is created, an Issuer can target their communication to a specific type of investor or contact.
By default, Localveest will create a list for each Investment in your account. An Issuer may add contacts to a specific Investment based on the demonstrated interest which will allow for targeted communication to investors based on their interest.

Once your investor contacts are organized in lists, you may easily send updates to those contacts to market future products to them. The updates feature allows you to attach a thumbnail and link to your deal tile where they may review the new offering.
Prior to sending out your deal tile it is recommended that a calendar link is used for the deal tile to allow a prospect to schedule time with you directly to learn more about the investment. Localvest recommends as a great tool for scheduling these meetings. An Issuer may also schedule and promote a Pitch event on our service and promote that using an update and directly on the deal tile. A group pitch event with a Q&A is often more effective in generating interest in your deal.

There are many ways to get your products in front of new investors using Localvest.  Here are a few …

    1. Make your Investment Public on the Localvest Investment Gallery. 
    2. Share your deal with your close contacts, investors, and colleagues.
      All deal tiles may be shared in a securities compliant manner using our Smartshare service.  Simply copy the URL (within Smartshare) and include the link in an email.  It’s important to provide a short teaser description of the deal along with the link so your contacts may easily share your deal with their friends.  Once a deal has been shared, Localvest will provide you with daily activity notifications to alert you of anyone viewing your deal for easy follow-up.
    3. Contact relevant Investor Groups who might be interested in sharing your deal. 
  • Followers are investors on our platform who have elected to “follow” an investment. When an investor “follows” an investment they are signing up to receive notifications or updates about that investment.


  • Prospects are users who view your investment. These people will show up on your prospects list where the Issuer can track for later follow-up.

The Activity feed score allows the Issuer to easily discern which users are engaging with the deal tile the most. Those users with a high score have spent more time researching your deal and could be a highly interested investor. Issuers can use the activity score to understand who might be very interested (a high score) versus who might mildly or uninterested (a low score).

New visitors to your deal will show up as prospects on your Issuer Dashboard. Issuers will also receive an email daily, weekly or monthly with any new prospects viewing your deal.

Our “Smart*” features are three powerful capabilities of the Localvest platform designed to intelligently promote and share your deal.  Unlike typical internet content, an Issuer’s deal may only be shared in an SEC-compliant manner.   Smart* sharing features will allow an issuer to check for accreditation and also track contact information and provide insights into viewer engagement.  

SmartShare allows the Issuer to create a “friendly” URL which is easy to remember and share with prospects or those who are interested in referring your deal.  When using a Smartshare link, Localvest will track the view, clicks, and engagement actively of your deal.  This will allow the Issuer to understand who is viewing your deal and what elements of your deal are driving engagment. 

SmartUpdate allows you to send updates, documents, images, or even send events or other deals that you have to your contacts. You can also choose to send to a specif list that you had created before. 

Share you SmartShare link with any investor who might be interested and people who can refer you investment to other investors.  You can monitor those who visit and engage with your deal to determine who to follow-up with.

SmartUpdate: Unlike the Dashboard Newsfeed Post, SmartUpdate has the ability to notify all of your contacts, send an email communication to your lists of prospects and provide real-time data on how well your communications with your potential investors are working via the dashboard — making it one of the most powerful tools on the platform for communicating relevant communication to everyone who is interested in your deal.

Dashboard Newsfeed Post: This allows you to participate in conversations with our community, quickly and easily sharing news, and start conversations with other Issuers and Investor on our platform. This is part of what makes our community come alive. Sharing information, starting conversations, and connecting to other like-minded individuals without our platform.

In this video below you will learn the step by step to create your event on the Localvest Platform

Connections are members of our platform who connect on Localvest because they know and trust each other. If you’re connected to someone, you will both be able to see each other’s groups that you belong to, deals you are following, tags, and more on your Localvest profile page. Once you are connected you will also be able to see each other’s dashboard updates via the Dashboard Homepage.


Contacts are people you’ve sent an invitation to and they accepted your invitation.

You can review investments together with friends, family, and colleagues, and expand your contacts by inviting them to the platform. You just need to enter the person’s name and email. Once you enter this information, click Save, and you will be presented with the option to Invite the person to register or you may simply add the person as an Investor contact without inviting the person to register in the platform.

You can also easily add people into your contacts by sharing an Invitation link through email, text, or webpage, and those who click the link will easily join your contacts. If you have more than a couple of contacts you want to add, the best option for you is to upload a CSV file.


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