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6 Steps to draw Investors attention to your Offering


We all know Investors are all really busy. On a weekly basis they received hundreds of business plans, investors pitch decks and investment requests. Some of them have staff trained to go through all the documentation while others will do it themselves. Either way, they know exactly what to look for and if they don’t see it quickly they will pass to the next one.


So how can you stand apart in their eyes?


  1. Provide well-structured material

Is extremely important to have well-structured material in a format that is easy to read and understand. All the relevant information that can influence a decision must be clear in both your investor pitch deck and your business plan.


  1. Have a strong business plan

Your business plan must be a complete roadmap and blueprint of your business. It must include all essential items for your business to succeed, include solid development and operations strategy, market study and market strategy, risk management, investment offering. If possible, also include how the funds will be used, an exit strategy, valuation, and financial projections.


  1. Outline your strategy

Even if you are new to raise capital, is important to do a lot of research to know your market inside out. Think through all critical elements of your business plan and make sure to outline your business and marketing strategy in full.


  1. Include operational information about your company

Investors usually feel more comfortable with projects and businesses that have been operating for a while. Even if you are not yet earning net income, having your operations or some of it set up is an advantage, so let the investors know about that.


  1. Highlight your Team

As important as your business idea is the management team. Lots of investors will pay a lot of attention to know more about the management team, their experiences, and their personalities. Make sure to write an interesting profile for each one of them and include how they will help your company be successful.


  1. Be prepared and know your documents inside & out

Make sure you are prepared, that you know your investor pitch deck and your business plan thoroughly while making sure they convey the message you want to convey.


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