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How to build a killer pitch deck

How to Build a Killer Pitch Deck

At Localvest, we want to equip you with the tools you need to find a network of investors who want to invest in the growth and success of your business. Building a great pitch deck is essential if you want to attract the right investors and capture their attention.

Here are six tips from our Co-Founder, John Bracken on how to build a killer pitch deck:

01 . Pay attention to the length and visual elements of your pitch deck.

When building your pitch deck, avoid creating too many slides. This demonstrates you respect investors’ time. Use straightforward language and enlarge text so it’s quick and easy to read. Consistent graphics and images will enhance the message and visual impact of your pitch. Consider including visual cues that help investors see where they are in the progression of your pitch deck. As an alternative or in addition to slides, create a two or three-minute video of your pitch with consumable content that will grab investors’ attention.

02. Educate investors about your industry.

Don’t assume investors are knowledgeable about your industry. Use a couple of slides to get investors up to speed. Keep things simple and boil the details down to a few key points that everyone can understand. Be clear, straightforward, and engaging with how you explain things.

03. Emphasize your experience and the team supporting you.

You may hear us use the expression, “Bet on the jockey, not the horse.” What we mean by this is that you and your team will ultimately determine the success of your business. Investors want to see the connection between your experience and your business. Include a slide that highlights why the skills and experience you have are perfectly suited to making your business a success.

04. Clearly identify your market, the problem and your solution.

Investors want to see that your target market is large. They also want to know that you have the ability to gain a significant footing in your target market. Create a logical progression of slides that show investors the problem that exists and the solution your business or product provides. One slide should elaborate on the details of your solution.

05. Demonstrate traction in the marketplace.

Use a couple of slides to demonstrate that your solution is not just an idea, but that it already has traction or is operating in the marketplace. Present investors with proof that you’re already getting the results you anticipate and that these results can be scaled. This is the perfect place to include interesting visuals like graphs, data, and projections.

06. Detail the investment opportunity.

Finally, don’t forget to include the financial details of your deal including revenue projections, valuation, and details of the investment opportunity. Investors will want to know particulars such as your estimated equity raise, investment vehicle and terms, ,and how funds will be used to get your business to the next milestone.

Do you want to get your pitch in front of investors? we can help!

There are many ways to get your pitch in front of investors. Our platform can help you expand your network and accelerate the referral process. Creating a Deal Tile helps your offering become easy to read and understand by investors. We focus on all the data points that an investor is most interested in and display the details in a concise and clean way to help engage potential investors and start the conversation with you.


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